20 days in the deepness of my inner self

What’s 20 days in a lifetime ? Yet when I tell people that I made a 20-day meditation retreat, in complete silence, they are chocked : “What ? 20-days with no speaking, without your phone, waking up at 4AM, meditating 10 hours a day and no eating after noon ? How can you do that … More

Reflexion of Marmande's bridge

Vanlife to infinity

Every night is different when dwelling in a van. From rivers to lakes, from castles to abandoned railroads, these are just a few examples of the best spots I have settled with Karmavan so far. Just a little over one month ago I moved into my still under construction van (AKA Karmavan). It’s a simple … More

Best images of Karmavan

One year with Karmavan

July 7th, 2020. Villiers St Benoît. One year ago, I was trading my legendary red Renault Kangoo for a big blue-gray Mercedes Sprinter van. The plan : building my own nest. 365 days after, lots of DIY weekends, screwed screws, hammered nails and help from my friends, it is still under construction but the essentials … More

Karmavan parked with light

And there was light

It is an exceptionally sunny afternoon of March and I am indulging in the confort of solar energy in my van (AKA Karmavan). My phone and my computer are charging and I am typing this article. A quick check at the App VictronConnect tells me that my solar panels are producing 38 Watt of electricity … More

Building my “own nest”

I cannot agree more with Henry David Thoreau when he writes in Walden “Our houses are such unwieldy property that we are often imprisoned rather than housed in them.” That’s why instead of becoming the unfortunate owner of a house or an apartment I decided to become the owner of Karmavan: a beautiful, 2014 Mercedes … More

Confinement Window View

Coronavirus Quarantine: a blessing in disguise?

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy every single moment of this situation. I am lucky enough to have joined my parents in their modest home in the quiet suburban town of Breuillet, 30 km south of Paris, at the beginning of the quarantine. Life here is so peaceful and simple that secretly I … More

Direction to Dhamma Mahi

2020: The Year of Dhamma

I’ve been re-reading the articles in my blog since its beginning, and that is a very good way to reflect on my life from 2014 up to now.  I’ve lived in and traveled to many places. I was involved in many adventures, thoughts and projects. I do not regret anything. I had a wonderful time … More

Datacloud Congress Entrance

16th Datacloud Awards and Congress in Monaco

“And the winner is… KaoData!” Among 2 other nominees, Iron Mountain Data Centers and GlobeNet, this leading data center UK company won the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsability Award at the 16th Datacloud Awards Ceremony happening in Monaco last June 4th. Invited by the organizer of the event, Broadgroup, Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) had the … More

UNDAC Partners Meeting during the Humanitarian Network & Partnership Week

Humanitarian Network & Partnership Week (HNPW)

Networking is not only for entrepreneurs. It can also be for humanitarians! The proof is the Humanitarian Network & Partnership Week (HNPW), a one-week event, where humanitarian networks and partnerships hold their annual consultations. As member of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) was invited to … More

Global Carrier Awards programme

Speaking on behalf of TSF at Capacity Europe’s Global Carrier Awards

This year’s Global Carrier Awards was my first opportunity to talk on behalf of Télécoms Sans Frontières in front of a major audience: more than 400 members of the telecommunication community. This ceremony takes place during Capacity Europe; the largest carrier event in the continent that brings together more than 650 companies of the voice … More

First mission with TSF

First mission with Télécoms Sans Frontières: Typhoon Mankghut, Philippines

At TSF all staff members, from ICT specialists to accountants, have to experience the field at least once. It is one of the requirements when one gets hired: “You must be ready to integrate TSF’s emergency teams abroad and carry out missions in the context of humanitarian crises.” As Head of Communication and International Relations, I … More

thecore.io the first WooCommerce Management Platform

thecore.io, the first WooCommerce Management Platform

During his talk at WordCamp Europe 2018, Noel Tock, from Human Mades, well highlighted that “one click install or access to cPanel dashboard are not enough anymore.” In 2019, if they want to survive, hosting providers have to reinvent themselves and offer “fully integrated solutions” or what we also call “DXP, Digital Experience Platforms”. This … More

Télécoms Sans Frontières - programme and badge for the 20th anniversary

My first weeks as Head of Communication & International Relations at Télécoms Sans Frontières

I first heard about Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) during hurricane Irma back in September of 2017. On the news, members of its team, ready to go, were carrying huge boxes of telecommunication equipment. At this point, I had no idea that these people were going to become my colleagues one day, but I started dreaming … More

tt performance suite

Learning e-learning

Creating e-learning material is made very easy with softwares like tt performance suite. In February, I attended, with some of my MSF colleagues working with me on Symphony*, a 4-day TTS workshop at the headquarter of MSF Spain. The training covered the admin part (overall configuration, user roles and preferences, document types, workflows etc.) and … More

WordPress Lausanne Meetup at SuperHuit

WordPress Meetup in Lausanne

Since I started working for MSF and quit being a “Digital Nomad,” my involvement with the WordPress Community and my opportunities to travel Meetups and WordCamps are quite less. But sometimes, work can turn out to be a chance to attend Meetups: thanks to a trip to the MSF headquarters of Switzerland, I had the … More

The Symphony Team having beers after work

Happiness Manager

“Happiness Manager.” That’s my new unofficial title at the office! And I am quite proud of it. In fact, I started working for Medecins Sans Frontieres – Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in October but I was hired as “internal communication officer”, which is my official title. MSF embarked on a global HRIS project of design, … More

WordCamp Marseille Badge

WordCamp Marseille

Organizing a WordCamp in four months is it possible? Ask the organizers of WordCamp Marseille. Not only they set up their first WordCamp in a record time (and with summer vacation in the middle) but they did perfectly! It’s during WordCamp Europe, in Paris, that I heard about the upcoming WordCamp Marseille. The first WordCamp … More


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