H2r Équipements Ambassador

I am very happy with my last updgrate in Karmavan : a store for my CARBEST Baie RW Motion. Finally a bit of privacy while my light is on ! And  next summer I’ll be able to fully open my window free from mosquitoes.

But what makes me even happier is that I got it for free thanks to the H2r Ambassador program.

H2r Ambassadors get products for free in exchange of testing them and sharing experiences through videos to be posted on H2r Équipements website.

When I was a « digital nomad » I used to do this for products related to WordPress. So why not do the same for H2r ? Since I started building Karmavan, I have been ordering most of the tools and furnishings on their website. Hence, when I saw they had a ambassadors program I did not hesitate in applying.

To get into the program, I just had to send a video presentation introducing myself and my van, the products I have installed and why I want to become a H2r ambassador.

Apparently it was convincing since I was accepted. The first product I tested was this axle weighing. Very useful to control the weight of my vehicle while I am building it.

The CARBEST store is the second product I got to test and I am looking forward to testing more. But for now, I am going to sleep… with my store fully closed ! Good night.

* I want to point out that this article is not sponsored by H2r. I am writing it independently of the ambassador program and not to publicize them.