Vanlife to infinity

Every night is different when dwelling in a van. From rivers to lakes, from castles to abandoned railroads, these are just a few examples of the best spots I have settled with Karmavan so far.

View of the Château de Grandchamps from Karmavan's window

Just a little over one month ago I moved into my still under construction van (AKA Karmavan). It’s a simple life. Reduced to a small space and a minimum furnishings. But in fact, the space is infinite since I am mobile and can set up (almost) wherever I want.

Karmavan at Lac du Bourdon

Rain or shine, it has been a pretty easy life so far. I had no major issues finding enjoyable spots to spend the night. However, I expect the winter to be a bit more challenging: days will be shorter and colder so forget about meals admiring the view with the sliding door fully opened! But a good insulation made of sprayed cork and biofibtrio, an old school Trumatic SL3002 heater working like new, and an instantaneous water heater should help me get through it!

But for now, let’s enjoy the present moment and the rest of the summer that is left. Vanlife to infinity!

Flower with karmavan in the background