Winter season in the Alps

Karmavan and I are alike: we both like warm and sunny weather. But when I found a 4-month winter season job in the French Alps, we took gloves, coats and blankets and headed to the very chic, but cold and snowy, ski resort of Megève.

For the entire winter season (beginning of December to end of March), Karmavan quietly waited for me in the parking lot of the chalet where I worked. Indeed, with such negative temperatures at night, it was not an option to use Karmavan as shelter. Instead, I was comfortably hosted in one of the chalet’s staff room.

My window’s room

I was feeling a bit guilty to leave him alone, in the parking lot, exposed to such extreme weather. But Karmavan is super strong. I regularly turned the engine on to refill the batteries, to clear snow or to take him on a small journey around the area. Yet, not too far because Karmavan does not wear snow tires ! 

Karmavan hibernating !

At the end of March, after four months of hard work, he drove me back. It was such a great feeling to go down the mountains and start seeing the plains, the horizon, and feel the air becoming warmer.

After this experience, Karmavan and I are even more convinced that cold and snow are not for us. The decision is taken : Next winter we’ll be heading to South of Spain!