Coronavirus Quarantine: a blessing in disguise?

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy every single moment of this situation. I am lucky enough to have joined my parents in their modest home in the quiet suburban town of Breuillet, 30 km south of Paris, at the beginning of the quarantine.

Life here is so peaceful and simple that secretly I wish the confinement to last forever. Days go by all the same, but all different in a way. It’s funny to see how our lives at first completely disrupted by this unexpected event slowly set up in a kind of “quarantine routine”. A routine that I tried to illustrate in this short video.

I am aware that I am a privileged person compared to others who are stuck in tiny apartments, with kids they must take care of while trying to work remotely. Thus, for all of the people struggling, I wish for this situation to end soon and life to come back to normal, with kids in school, people in the streets and planes in the sky. 

There will be a before and after Coronavirus. We will have to learn to listen to our planet, which is definitely showing red flags. This crisis must be the event that will make us change some of our crazy consuming habits.

But until the end of the confinement, I can only cite what the character William Atkins says in Robinson Crusoe by Daniel De Foe: “In trouble, to be troubled is to have your trouble doubled.” So keep calm and be safe!