WordPress Meetup in Lausanne

Since I started working for MSF and quit being a “Digital Nomad,” my involvement with the WordPress Community and my opportunities to travel Meetups and WordCamps are quite less. But sometimes, work can turn out to be a chance to attend Meetups: thanks to a trip to the MSF headquarters of Switzerland, I had the opportunity to attend a WordPress Meetup in Lausanne.

Medecins Sans Frontieres - Artze Ohne Grenzen

Patricia Brun Torre and Helen Yau, that I met at WordCamp Marseille, are the ones who brought me to this meetup. These two active “WordPress Wonderwomen” are the co-organizers of the WordPress Meetup in Geneva. Patricia knows almost everybody in the community. She helped John and Felipe to set up their first Meetup in Lausanne, in November of 2017. Here is a short interview I did of Patricia and Helen, when I still was working with VINUBIS, at WordCamp Marseille.

Hence, this Meetup that I attended was only the third one organized to date. About 20 people were present. John and Felipe did a presentation about SEO. A classic. But always good to refresh some basics! And at the end, an interesting debate emerged thanks to a remark made by
Eliness about the “homogenization” of the Web because of all these SEO rules we have to follow in order to be on the first top 10. Evren Kiefer, another of the attendees, also made very valuable comments during the entire Meetup. Too bad, he decided to “retire” from WordPress. But if he still comes to Meetups, that means he is not completely done with WordPress! To conclude, Patricia made a call for volunteers to help in the organization of the next WordCamp in Lausanne, which will take place sometime in spring or fall. If you want to participate, get in touch with her!

That said, Felipe took out the beers, kindly offered by SuperHuit, the event’s “kind sponsor” and host, and after a few drinks we all went out for dinner.

WordPress Meetup in Lausanne

It was nice to meet with the WordPress community of Switzerland. I hope I’ll soon have more opportunities to travel with MSF and thus attend new Meetups. In the meantime, I will continue to go to the WordPress Meetups in Paris. The next one is coming up soon.