Getting Ready For WordCamp Europe While Remembering The WordPress Meetup In Porto

I just got back in Paris after a long trip across Spain and Portugal. Attending WordCamp Madrid, and two WordPress Meetups: one in Barcelona and one in Porto.

The Meetup in Porto was unexpected. I happened to be there because I was celebrating mother’s day with my mom (of course) and my sister. Curious, I checked the local meetup page, and bingo! They just happened to have their monthly Meetup while I was there. I decided to go, convinced that I was not going to understand too much since I do not speak Portuguese.


But I was surprised to find a very welcoming community that did his best to make sure I was not left out. I was actually not the only English speaker in the audience. Craig Martin and his wife, Linda, were also here. Funny fact, they also were at TBEX in Jerusalem! Such a small world!

The speaker, Tiago Pedras, founder of the New Digital School, gave an interesting lecture – in a perfect English – about “Design Digital – Tendências e Desafios.”


José Freitas was nice enough to take a few minutes of his time, after the Meetup, to answer my questions and explain his role in the WordPress Community of Portugal.


After the Meetup, we went all together, to eat Francesinhas, the specialty of Porto, in a restaurant of Matosinhos. I had a lot of fun with all these Portuguese WordPress fellows and I miss them already!



But I should see them soon. Yes! WordCamp Europe is around the corner. So I came back in Paris to dedicate the next two weeks in getting ready for it.


And I am already busy, chatting on Slack with Emanuel Blagonic, Benjamin Lupu, Florian Ziegler and Phillip Roth from the WCEU communication team, preparing the strategy for the videos I will produce with Florian Gottschall, Miriam Selzle and Robert Turc, from VINUBIS, and with Carlos Chang Cheng, a Front End Developer and Video Editor. Each day, at the end of the day, we will produce a video-summary and during the event, we will post some short videos on the WCEU Twitter account.

So I expect to be VERY busy, shooting and posting, but I’ll still try to make some time to see all my WordPress friends, reunited here, in my hometown, for one of the best WordCamp in the world. I am sure that the After-Party will be a good moment for this!