A Digital Nomad in Barcelona

In 2002, I arrived in Barcelona with one suitcase and no idea how long I would remain there. I ended up staying quite a long time; until 2010. Even though I settle down for a few years, I still consider this as my first “nomad” experience. After it, I was not afraid anymore to get out of my comfort zone. At the contrary, this is what set the tone and gave me even more curiosity towards other countries and cultures.

So after attending WordCamp Madrid, last month, I HAD TO go back to Barcelona to spend some time with the friends I have there, to ride its sunny streets with the Bicing and to eat delicious patates braves, escalivada and mato amb mel.

En bici, millor amb casc!

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While not visiting friends, biking or eating, I tried to do a little bit of networking:

I reached out to the Bloggers de Barcelona Group on Facebook. The lead organizer, Bea Lopez, answered to me and we met one day in her neighborhood, Nou Barris. She is such an active blogger; she runs several blogs – one of them is Surfmocion.com – and she organizes many meetups in Barcelona.  

I met in real life with Marc Soler. Marc and I knew each other online thanks to IAMSocial. Since then, I have been writing for his blog; Tiempo de Negocios, but we never met in person before. This was the opportunity. He invited me to his office at the Marketers Group and then we went for a cafe in one of the lovely bars of Enric Granados

I saw my Greek Digital Nomad friend Marianna Siouti, met during the WordCamp Bangkok, who happened to also be hanging out in Barcelona, before heading to WordCamp Bilbao. So one day we went to Babelia Cafe to do a little bit of co-working like we used to do in Thailand with our friend Fotis.



I looked for the local WordPress community. I found the WordPress Barcelona Meetup Group. Lucky me, one meetup was scheduled just when I was visiting. So I RSVPed and came with my iPhone to shoot some videos for VINUBIS. I was happy to find there some of the WordPress fellows I met in WordCamp Madrid, active members of the Spanish WordPress Community, like Javier Casares and Joan Artés.


In between my networking meetings, I set up my digital nomad’s office in Public Libraries, like I usually do everywhere I go. I (re)visited some of the branches I used to go to when I lived in Barcelona. I was happy to find one of with my friend, Pilar Banasco, working as a librarian at the Biblioteca Sant Martí de Provençals and I was delighted to visit brand new branches like the Biblioteca del Clot Josep Besset in the Disseny Hub Barcelona.



While ending this article, waiting for my flight at the Airport of Barcelona, two people, sitting close to me caught my attention, I knew these guys… this is the lovely nomaddictives couple that I met at TBEX Jerusalem. They were on their way to Italy. It’s such a small world!