TBEX Travel Blogger Exchange Conference

Last week I attended my first TBEX conference. TBEX is the largest conference and networking event for travel bloggers, online travel journalists, new media content creators, travel brands and industry professionals. A great opportunity for me, digital nomad, to get on the road again, with a new destination: Israel.

Although this TBEX was held in Jerusalem, I came to Tel Aviv one week before, to connect with my million eyez friends, also attending the conference, but as sponsors. Two days before the event, I headed to Jerusalem, with Yonit Tzuk to attend some of the pre TBEX tours.

Because more than the two days of conference, what makes TBEX so special are all the activities organized before, during and after the event. Tours, networking, workshops, after-parties and shows. So many things that I could barely keep up. The must, for me, was the Jerusalem Sunrise Cycling tour. It was tough to wake at 4 am, but definitively worth the effort.

Jerusalem Sunrise Cycling Tour

Jerusalem Sunrise Cycling Tour
Other cool activities included the Hummus Workshop at Abraham Hostel, or the Bitemojo food tour. All unique ways to discover Jerusalem and to start mingling with all the travel bloggers coming from all around the world to attend TBEX. I made lots of new blogger friends and also ran into old ones, like Vicki Winters, the funniest and coolest blogger I know!

During the conference, I was really impressed by the quality of the talks. I focused on all sessions related to video. My favorite being Gary Bembridge’s one. Gary is a travel blogger that started using Youtube since its beginning in 2005. So needless to say that he knows all the secrets to make a Youtube channel successful.



Mike Shubic, a specialist of experiential videos, also gave an interesting lecture on how to make a living as a travel video blogger. According to him “video content is not the future, it is here and now!



If “One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words” as the Forrester Research says then, watch more videos I produced on the TBEX playlist of VINUBIS Youtube channel. From speakers to bloggers and even hummus cooks… Everybody was a potential target for my camera!

That said, “a picture is still worth a thousand words.” So here’s a million eyez photobox. If you too were at TBEX, please upload your photos.

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