#WCAsiaRoadTrip highlights

Being back in Paris is a mix feeling of excitement and nostalgia. Excitement because I will soon see my family and friends and tell them all about my wonderful journey. Nostalgia because I already miss the people I met during my #WCAsiaRoadTrip.

One of the reason of this trip was to talk at WordCamp Pune, Udaipur and Bangkok on “How to Create Videos for WordPress Blogs” with VINUBIS Video Editor, Plugin for WordPress. I had a lot of fun conducting workshop like talks and practicing with my audience. Until the videos of my talks will be up on WordPress TV, I made this video for you with outtakes I accidentally shot while speaking because I forgot to turn off the camera of my iPhone. It gives an interesting point of view…

One other reason of this #WCAsiaRoadTrip was to meet with the Asian WordPress Community. A very active and engaged community. I witnessed and participated in very interesting conversations about the future of this community as you can see in the following video shot at WordCamp Udaipur.

I was really astonished by the Indian fellows. So enthusiastic! WordCamps and Meetups are popping everywhere there! If I was not to speak at WordCamp Bangkok after Pune and Udaipur, I could have renamed my trip to #WCIndiaRoadTrip and stayed there forever, going to WordCamp Kochi and Mumbai. I was even invited to a meetup in Kanpur and my friends from Ahmedabad, shared with me their hopes for a future WordCamp there.

Unfortunately, I had to leave and carry on my journey to Thailand. Everything was different there… the people, the food, the ambiance. But WordCamps are almost the same everywhere you go. At WordCamp Bangkok, even though most of the Thai attendees did not speak English, the event itself was more international than WordCamps in India, due to the presence of many WordCamp enthusiasts from Europe and the US. Indeed, Bangkok is a hotspot for the prospects of WordCamp Asia. Thus, many important people of the WordPress community, came to take a quick peek and discuss possibilities of such event there. Here are some of them.

Jon from Malaysia, Mayuko from Japan and Petya from Bulgaria.

Emanuel from Croatia, Marianna and Fotis from Greece.

I wish I could have continued my #WCAsiaRoadTrip. But I had to come back to Paris to prepare another adventure: TBEX, the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, new media content creators, and social media savvy travel industry professionals, in Jerusalem in march. Kindly invited by the million eyez team to attend the event and work with them on a few projects.

However, I have the feeling this first visit to Asia was just the beginning. At least, I’ll be back for WordCamp Asia, if it is not before for any other WordCamps. Mayuko, that so well performed during my talk at WordCamp Bangkok, wants me to come to WordCamp Kioto and Tokio. It’s tempting….

Meanwhile, I’ll keep on looking with nostalgia this compilation of my best #WCAsiaRoadTrip Twitter Moments