How I save time with CoSchedule Marketing Calendar Plugin

Let’s start straight to the point:



How much time do I spend pushing out content? Asked on Twitter, Vicki Winters, an awesome blogger I follow. My answer is A LOT. So when I saw this tweet, I HAD TO try this “CoSchedule – Blogger Time Management” app!

I signed up for it, installed the plugin onto my WordPress blog and started writing a post, eager to test this new feature. It did not take me too long to fall in love with it. If you want to know why, just watch this screencast:



As you can see, with CoSchedule, I am able, in a few minutes and within my WordPress dashboard, to create an entire social media campaign to promote the blog post I just wrote. I can schedule as many social media posts as I want, and let CoSchedule do the rest of the work for me.


Shceduling of a post with CoSchedule


Then, from the calendar view, I have an overview of all the posts I have already shared and the ones that are coming up. If I see that one day is more busy than another, I can easily drag and drop to reschedule at any time.


calendar view of CoSchedule


And because we all like to see if what we have written is actually getting attention, CoSchedule also gathers all the stats we need and compile them into friendly views. Here are my top posts stats:


View of my Top Posts Stats


Here’s how CoSchedule shows the engagements on a given campaign:


CoSchedule Engagement stats


And here are the stats for a given post:


CoSchedule Engagement stats


Regardless of its WordPress integration, there is another reason why I found CoSchedule to be very helpful for my “Social Media Geek” activities: I can also manage my client’s social media directly onto my personal account! This is how it works:



With one click I can switch from one calendar to another and have an overview of the posts I have scheduled. This is great to avoid cross posting.

That’s how I have been using CoSchedule so far; more as a social media and blog management platform. But there are many more applications, like content marketing or even project management. I am still discovering all these amazing features. The CoSchedule team actually have great Master Class (accessible only through your account) a very broad resource library and a blog where I can get tips on social media marketing. But what I like the most is the free live demos they organize periodically. That’s the best way to learn all the secrets of this amazing platform.



Vicki was absolutely right! Since I started using CoSchedule, “my blogging life has changed forever.” You too can make that change! If you decide to do so, please do it using this referral link. Yes, for each customer that I refer, CoSchedule will discount 10% on my subscription. This is their referral program. Thanks to this, Vicki is actually going to earn 10%, since I subscribed after reading her post and clicking on her referral link. Yes, bloggers like to share their tips, and they also like to get rewarded!