WordPress Meetup in Paris

The majority of my WordPress friends are in the US. Some are in Eastern Europe. But none of them are in France. Inspired by engaged WordPress Meetup organizers I met at WCCBUS, like Deborah Edwards or Mary Baum, I decided to look for a local meetup in Paris. I figured it would be a great opportunity, not only to meet with the Parisian WordPress community, but also to make a few interviews for VINUBIS Video Editor Plugin for WordPress.

Thus, as soon as I arrived in Paris, early September, I googled “WordPress Meetup Paris.” The WordPress Paris Association group on meetup.com popped up first. I registered and received, a few days later, an invite to their monthly meetup. Excited, I was one of the first to answer “I’ll be there!

The day of the event, about 40 WordPress fellows from all horizons (designers, developers, entrepreneurs and even musicians) showed up. I was pleased to see such an enthusiastic community. After introducing each other, we started the conversation. As Thierry Pigot, one of the lead organizers, said:

There are no stupid questions. There can be stupid answers though, but I’ll try not to speak too much!

About 40 WordPress Parisian fellows showed up at the WordPress Paris Association monthly meetup

Thierry Pigot was not the sole fonder of WordPress Paris Association present at this meetup. Gregoire Noyelle was on his side, leading the debate. With Mathieu Viet, they are the main organizers of the majority of the WordPress Meetups in Paris and WordCamp Paris. They also are deeply involved in the organization of the upcoming WordCamp Europe in Paris, as Thierry explains in the interview I made of him for VINUBIS Video Editor.

The three of them also run a monthly podcast: The Very French Trip where they talk about WordPress and all things related.

At the end of the 2-hour meetup, we all went for a delicious Pizza in the neighborhood where we carried on the conversation. I spent a very nice evening with my new Parisian WordPress friends. I can’t wait for the next meetup. Although, as a true digital nomad, chances are that I’ll be somewhere else. I’ll certainly miss them, but I am sure I’ll easily find new WordPress friends wherever I am!

We ended the September WordPress Paris Meetup at the pizzeria Iovone's