I bought aicragellebasi.com…

…and had a new idea: isabellegarcia.com will be the domain for my portfolio and aicragellebasi.com the one for my blog. Here’s a quick flow of the new set up:

Isabelle Garcia .com flow


The portfolio site will stay the same for now. I will just add a link to my blog.

The blog site will be my final term project for my MMP 350 class. Part of the assignment for this week is to come up with a wireframe for our project. I tried to make it simple.

Isabellegarcia.com Mockups


  • Front-page (front-page.php): will show the most recent post(title, excerpt, featured image and meta info). Below it all the posts listed and ordored monthly showing only title and meta info.
    The same template could serve for the category, tag and archive pages.A single page (single.php) with full text and comments.
  • Single page (single.php): will show the full text and the comments.

And with a pink background, it will look like this:

Isabellegarcia.com Mockup


I followed my MMP 350 professor’s recommendation and make the pink background less flashy.